Aerial Drone - Shutterspeak Studio

Aerial Videography

We’re your one stop shop for everything drone photography, we’ve worked with some of the biggest names producing high quality content for a range of applications. We can lift everything up to Phase One and Hassleblad systems with remote viewing on the ground. We’re well versed in operating in tricky congested areas like Kuala Lumpur and other cities. All permissions are taken care of by us, we provide risk assessments and method statements for all operations.

Progress & Development Coverage

We can visit your site on regular intervals to photograph the phases of construction from the air. Hovering at a desired height and fixed GPS position, each site visit will yield the same view, capturing the different phases from the exact same angle. We can shoot single images, large panoramic stitches covering huge areas with the ability to print on a large scale and 360 degree interactive aerial panoramas.

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