Iklan Raya 2018 #Abanglongtolong

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MAN is a fresh grad who just started his first job at Primera Hotel. While struggling to stabilize his finance and taming his inner hunger for leisure and luxuries, MAN never says no when his family asks for financial help. It all seems fine until few days before raya when he suddenly realizes that he has just used the last money he has (that he saved for his flight home) to help his family. Now that he cannot afford the raya trip home anymore, he lies to his family that he was asked to work on raya morning as he is the only single one around. Unbeknownst to him, there is a twist of fate due to his kindness and unselfishness. His parents and little sister decided to pay him a surprise visit on the Raya morning; with the help of the stuff that he has helped them with!

A Shutterspeak Studio Production Executive Producer : Mohd Suhaimi Ismail (Shutterspeak Studio) Directed by Irwan Rauf, SilentKaiju Studio Produced by Dian Mayasari, SilentKaiju Studio Director of Photography : Raja Harith Raja Biyajid (BigBen Films) Production Manager : Ahmad Nazrain Drone : Zaidan Zainuddin (Shutterspeak Studio) Post Production : ThreePie Production Talent : Man - Eric Fuzi | Floor 88 Abah - Chedd Eddie Yusof Mak - Kay Maria Arshad Adik - Erissa Puteri Special Appearance : Ahmad Faizal Murtadza (Runner seikhlas hati)  Kemaafan Di Hari Raya - Floor88

2018 | MaraInc #marainc #shutterspeakstudio #silentkaijustudio

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Official Music - Floor 88 - Kemaafan Di Hari Raya